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 Stand behind pragmatic leadership

  • Entrepreneur The founding president of an engineering firm, Satish has over 25 years of experience in business and construction management. A member of Virginia governors’ trade delegations, he has participated in promoting exportation of US goods and services abroad. Satish also served on the board of a Northern VA Business Council for 10 Years.
  • Understands Middle Class Values From student to entrepreneur, a licensed engineer and small business owner, Satish understands the values important to the middle class such as good education, self-reliance, character building in youth, and helping our communities where we live.
  • Access to Affordable, Quality Education Satish earned his M.S. in Engineering from George Washington University. He has served as a member of FCPS Board advisory committees such as Curriculum, Human Relations, and Business focus groups of the Superintendent and is a proud father of three graduates of FCPS and Virginia public universities. Satish believes access to affordable, high quality, career-oriented education is integral to the economic growth of Virginia.
  • Infrastructure Being an engineer, Satish understands and believes in the need for sound structures in areas of Transportation, Housing and Environmental Treatment plants, Power plants, etc. In times of economic recession, major projects like Tennessee Valley authority and Hoover Dam or large power plants should be initiated by the government in an effort to create new jobs and alleviate unemployment. Rather than only increasing expenditure, we sho
    uld invest in America!
  • Occupational Health and Safety of Virginia’s Workforce Governor-appointed member of the Safety and Health Codes Board of Virginia, Satish has spent 8 years making recommendations to Virginia’s governors on modifications of safety regulations for the protection and health of Virginia’s workers.
  • Veterans Satish supports reintegration of veterans into the job market
  • Health Care Satish supports affordable Health Care for all. Having a healthy nation is a sign of the greatness of its people.  Having a healthy workforce is essential to sound economic growth. Having healthy youth makes sound citizens of tomorrow. Caring for the health of its senior citizens is a measure of a first-class civilization.
  • Equality Satish believes in the value of equal opportunity for men and women and equal pay for equal work for all sectors of society.
  • Choice People’s choice is the people’s right
  • Community Advocate Satish believes broad participation in the electoral process is necessary for a healthy and productive democracy, and to that end has worked to increase political integration and awareness among minorities in Northern Virginia. A government BY the people is most effective with participation of ALL the people!