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Meet Satish

 Pragmatic Representation with Honesty, Integrity, and Fresh Ideas

Education, equal opportunities for all men and women, and service to community have been the core values that have guided my life. I was born in Maharashtra, India, into a progressive, politically active family. My father was a physician, and chairman of a local cooperative bank, and my mother earned her PhD while raising 6 children, and went on to serve as senator in the state legislature. I completed my bachelor’s degree in engineering in India, and then to further my education, I left my family behind and came to George Washington University to earn an M.S. in Engineering. Believing in self-reliance and making the most of available opportunities, I was able to work my way up from student, to entrepreneur, and have owned and managed a successful small business for over 25 years. I have lived with my wife, Sheel, in Fairfax County since 1980, and all three of our children graduated from FCPS and Virginia public universities.

As a 30-year resident of Fairfax County, I have been an active member of the community. I have served on multiple Fairfax County School Board committees, including Human Relations Advisory, Curriculum, and the Superintendent's Business Forum.  As president of the Indian American Forum for Political Education, Virginia, I worked to increase awareness of and engagement in our political system. As founder and host of a local television show, I routinely invite and interview elected officials and political pundits to keep our community informed about local, state, and national political issues. I believe that a government for the people is most effective with participation by all the people.

As a businessman, I was an invited member of Virginia and Maryland Governors’ trade delegations, promoting export of US goods and services abroad. I have also been a board member of the Democratic Business Council of Northern Virginia for 8 years.

With my background in engineering and construction management, Governor Warner appointment me to the Safety and Health Codes Board of Virginia, where I was ultimately elected chair. As a structural engineer, I have deep insight into construction of transportation and environmental infrastructures, which I believe are the prerequisites for a vibrant economy.

Education, equal opportunities, and service to community are the backbone of a healthy democracy. Join me in my vision for building a brighter future for Virginia’s 8th Congressional District.



Satish Korpe